Why FDSS ?

Our experienced McKenzie Friends & Coaches share great optimism, enthusiasm & positive energy with parents going through this journey

Dealing with the Family court is often a complex and emotional endeavour, that most never expect to encounter, even if they have a lawyer representing them. Our clients are either represented by lawyers in the family court proceedings & others are self-represented. Sadly, the system procedures are adversarial in nature and have a contradictory mix of legal & psychological aspects. Also, the Family Court is an overloaded & slow system which may be extremely difficult for many parents to navigate, even if they have a lawyer representing them

about us

FDSS – Family Disputes Support Services is a non-profit community organisation that is committed to provide support and assistance to parents who are dealing with family disputes following relationship breakdown in or out of the Family Court. FDSS is an incorporated charitable trust powered and funded entirely by donations from our many clients, generous families and companies. 

We are a group of ordinary community members with very extensive knowledge and experience in helping families to resolve their disputes amicably through mediation or through the Family Court system. We have been helping and supporting Kiwi Families for over a decade.

ouR story

FDSS was created based on the demands and pleas of many Kiwi families who have dealings with relationship breakdowns within the Family Court system.  Over many decades, thousands and hundreds of Kiwi families have been pleading for help on how to deal and navigate the complex and daunting Family Court processes. Also, we have had personally experienced the Family Court’s processes and practices in our own cases. 

We have helped many parents understand and find the best way to resolve their disputes amicably out of the court, also we have assisted many Family Court users on how to complete the court proceedings forms and understand the processes of the Family court for both self Litigants and the ones who are lawyer-represented. 

Knowledge is the Key

Based on our personal experience and the hundreds of cases we have dealt with. We strongly believe that such support services like we offer, are very crucial for families and children dealing with high conflict parental disputes and the Family court proceedings, despite of having legal representation. 

We have witnessed many parents who suffered financially, emotionally and struggled to get access to their children or protect themselves due to their lack of knowledge of their rights and the financial difficulties associated.  

The increase in cuts to legal aid over recent years has meant that thousands more people face the family courts alone. Their access to justice is limited by how overwhelming the Family Court system can be to those who have never faced it before, and many struggle to represent themselves effectively in court. 

our goal

Our goal is to meet the needs of all those families going through relationship breakdown and the Family Court processes. Our ultimate goal is to connect communities together with local peers to help families and children going through the processes of resolving their disputes and guide them on how to navigate the complex Family Court proceedings.

Due to the complexity and high legal fees involved in the Family Court proceedings. Many children are abandoned and alienated for prolonged periods from their good and fit parents and their extended families. We believe that its our social responsibility to help those who are in need and strengthen our communities. Based on our experience and dealings with many families and children going through the family court, we strongly believe it’s crucial that anyone going through this daunting journey , would need help and support, regardless.

The Ambulance is full, because the fence is not doing it's job

Families need to be aware of all potential pitfalls before falling into the family court daunting and slow processes. They need to know their rights and their children's and how the system works in reality !

Over many decades, we have been acting as the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. We have personally experienced and witnessed the struggle of many kiwi families and children who are going through the slow adversary family court system. Hence, we decided to start FDSS – Family Disputes Support Services to help connecting our communities together, to create a positive thriving community and help each other. 

Why do we exist ?

Many parents are ending their lives due to the way they are treated in the family court !

Simply many families and children’s lives have been ruined due to the complexity and inhumane processes in the New Zealand Family Court system. The system is causing more harm than good on our families and children.

Throughout the decades and since the family court system was established in the 80’s, we have worked with many parents who have gone through relationship breakdowns and had dealings with the complex slow family court system. We have witnessed many people in our communities suffering physical and mental illnesses, homelessness, bankruptcy and impecuniosity, job and career loss, self-harm, suicide and it is sad to say, that it is still happening. Many children have been abandoned and alienated for prolonged periods from their good and fit parents and their extended family members. We believe that such services are needed most, to reduce the harm and the damage caused on many families and children in our communities. 

the struggle is real !

and children are the victims and mostly effected !

In 2008, the Principal Family Court Judge had called for more support and help for families going through the family court system . However, up until today the state hasn’t offered any services for parents and families who are going through the complex adversarial family court system. Also, another Judge had attacked the Family laws which tended to alienate the parents, generally fathers, who had lost custody and the judge had highlighted that the family laws lacks in sophistication.

Additionally, the 2018/2019 findings of the independent panel who examined the 2014 changes of the family court were very concerning. First, the panel chairperson Ms. Noonan had called for an urgent change in the family court system and laws, also she mentioned that the current family court system “is not fit for purpose”, she also said that the same issues had been raised in 1987 and she was shocked that so little had changed and she heard from many people that they felt being treated as criminals in the family court. 

Been there ......
done that ......

Over decades, we have experienced similar pain, grief, loss, anger, anxiety, sadness, disempowerment & more.... Its our commitment to giving back, the social responsibility and to help our community.

And Hey !! Lucky we still here standing strong to give back!

Simply, Because we care ..

We have been coaching and helping many kiwi families over a decade !

Diversity is our strength

FDSS deals with parents and families of all sorts; mothers, fathers, step-parents, and grandparents from several cultures and ethnicities living in New Zealand. We understand and respect the diverse cultural beliefs and values of families and their social structure in New Zealand.

We take into account the diversity of New Zealand families and family groups, the needs, values and beliefs of Mäori as tangata whenua, Pacific peoples, Asian , African, Middle eastern and various ethnic and cultural groups in New Zealand. We help our clients maintain and enhance the resilience and strengths of their families’ values, according to their culture and beliefs.

Sound like something you want to be part of ?

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