Making Decisions

Separation or divorce is often a highly stressful and emotional experience for many people, also having the burden to take decisions following separation or navigate the available options to resolve matters in dispute in would be additional stress, if they don't have support to help them through the process.

Many parents going through separation are often committed to do what is best for them and their children . But many do not know or become uncertain about what they need to do - how to make it right or whether they are taking the right decision.

Coaching & Support Services

FDSS provides nationwide Coaching and Support services for any parents who are dealing with Parental disputes in or out of the Family Court. This service is available for self-represented litigants and parents who have legal representation and need a second opinion or want to understand how to deal with their advocates and get the best out of them.  This service is provided to help you with your decision making process and not to provide advice on decisions you may take. This service is available New Zealand nationwide over the phone/video call or email or in person. Online registration is mandatory. Fees are by Koha/Donation – depending on your financial situation.

Ongoing coaching and support services

This service is for self-represented litigants or newly separated parents. Our coaches provide one-on-one help and coach many parents who are dealing with Parental Disputes whether going through the process of negotiations, mediation or the Family Court.

One-off enquiry

This service is for parents wanting a one-off enquiry about a form or process or court procedures such as; guidance or legal information / standard operation procedure or any issues relevant to family separation/divorce or the Family Court .

The Process

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Please send us your enquiry by completing the below form, so we can have a better understanding of your case or dispute background. The more information you provide would help us to provide you with better services. Consultations are often done through various platforms, such as phone or video calls or email. 

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