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Introduction – Navigating the Family Court System

FDSS – Family Disputes Support Services runs monthly workshops within the Auckland region to provide guidance to self-litigants and parents who are lawyer-represented on how to navigate the family court system, including relevant topics on how to resolve their disputes out of the court.

The workshops are tailored according to each individual needs and case circumstances covering the majority of the issues under the family court jurisdiction such as;

Childcare and protection – Parenting (childcare arrangements) – Guardianship – Parental disputes – Family violence and protection orders – Child support – Divorce / dissolution of marriage – Paternity issues – Relationship property – Contracting out agreements / property agreements – Relationship property disputes – Spousal maintenance – Care of the elderly (Personal Property Securities Act 1999) – Appellate Courts Appeals and Judicial Reviews.

Please complete the EOI form below, once we receive your information one of our admins will contact you by email to confirm your enrolment.

The registration fee is by Koha/Donation

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Expression of Interest form

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29 May 2021


9:00 am - 5:00 pm




North Shore - Auckland


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