Navigate the Family Court Workshop

The “Navigate the Family Court Course” consists of information and case studies about the standard Family court cases processes. Also, some information to help parents reach resolution, expedite their case process and achieve the desired appropriate outcomes for their family and children. 

This short course is aimed for whānau who have legal representation or anyone who wishes to gain more knowledge and insight into the Family Court processes including the following topics:

  • Your wellbeing and your children while going through the process 
  • Children care arrangements disputes and parenting orders appointment of guardians and Guardianship Disputes
  • Family Violence & child safety protection/occupation/tenancy/ Ancillary and furniture orders.
  • Relationship property division
  • How to make it right ! 
  • How to instruct your lawyer effectively 

The information provided in this workshop is NOT a Legal advice and may not necessarily apply to your particular case or family circumstances. 

If you wish to learn more about the Family court process, you can alternatively register for the “Self-representation Course”. A very extensive course consists of 5 modules every module up to 2 hours delivered over 4 weeks period. 

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