Surviving Separation Workshop

Relationship breakdowns, if not handled properly without any support often lead to a range of emotions such as uncertainty, grief, loss, anger, confusion, mental illnesses, loss of a child-parent relationships, friends and family members and much more.

The positive side that relationship breakdowns would create for the person an invitation to build a new life!

Sometimes many parents remain stuck in the grief process, unable to move on with their lives, many are left alone to deal with further conflict and disputes such as; care of children, family violence, property division …. and more, while trying to heal from their relationship breakdown trauma and associated emotions.

Workshop Learning objectives: 

Empower whānau to:

  • Identify the emotions, feelings and behaviors associated with their family separation and relationship breakdown.
  • Learn some basic practical skills how to deal with those emotions and feelings, on ways to move on, rebuild their life and how and where to seek help and support.

About the Presenter: 

This workshop is presented by Ingrid Campbell from Re:Woven Therapy in Invercargill. Ingrid is a trained counsellor with a personal understanding of the power of lived experience.

Ingrid is second generation New Zealand born kiwi, with multi-ethnic heritage. Born and raised in the North Island, though Southland has been my home for the past 12 years and there is nowhere else she would rather be.

Ingrid has a background in youth work, faith ministry and community collaboration. She has a passion to see people grow, heal and be transformed.

Ingrid believes in each person’s intrinsic ability to overcome hardship with the acceptance and guidance of safe and trusted support people.


Thu 30 Mar 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Registration Fee

By Koha/ Donation

Delivery Method

Online - New Zealand Nationwide
Online Virtual Meeting
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