general support

WHAT IS general support ?

This service is for people who are struggling to deal with their relationship breakdowns in or out of the family court, or just wanting to reach out and talk with someone about the obstacles they are facing. General support persons can help with facilitating child supervised contact transitions and changeovers, when any of the parties are directed to undergo supervised contact with their child/ren. 

General Support persons usually provide support in person, over the phone, or online. If you wish to speak with someone about your struggle or any issues relevant to your relationship breakdown, court case or even if you are missing your children and going through rough time. Please complete the form and we will connect you with a support person.

The Process


Complete the registration form below. The more detail you provide the better we can service your enquiry and respond quickly.


We will match your request with a support person from your community, if available or someone who can talk with you over the phone

Our response

We will send you an email with the support person details and contact. Accordingly, your support person will contact you directly.

our role

Our coaches and senior McKenzie friends will keep in touch with your support person for any advice or help that you may need.

Frequently asked questions

Are support persons trained to deal with mental health issues ?

Support persons are just  ordinary people just like you with lived experience. Some of them have been through the same process and had many struggles in their life, with successes and failures and most importantly, they have learnt from them. Usually having someone there to talk to can make a huge difference. Our support persons can help 

Are supports persons qualified ?

Not all our support persons are qualified, the majority of them have lived experience dealing with what you are going through. Some of them might have had experience working in similar field or have done any courses in social work or community support work. 

Can you provide female or male support persons?

Once you complete the form, we will forward your details to the support persons in your area or close to your area and we will try to accommodate your request.

How could the support person communicate with me ?

Support persons usually communicate with our clients over the phone, online chat, video call or in person. Your support person will choose the most convenient way of communications depending on their availability and location. 

What areas do you cover in New Zealand ?

We offer services nationwide and depends on the type of services you require.

Do the support persons have experience dealing with the family court ?

Supports are usually there for you to support you morally and emotionally and some might have experience with the family court processes. If you require any information about the family court, you can discuss it with your support person and we will answer their enquiry. 


Everyone needs help and support, regardless ! We are not here to judge on people based on their past weaknesses, mistakes and failures.

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