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FDSS offers a wide range of support services tailored according to each individual and family’s needs. We provide legal information and resources to members of the public who are dealing with the New Zealand family court. 

We guide them on how to navigate the Family court system and how to resolve their family disputes in a very holistic child-focused approach. We offer in-house Mediation services and 1:1 dispute resolution coaching , counselling and relationship property contracting-out agreements referrals.

FDSS is able to help whether you are currently self-represented or lawyer-represented in the court or if you are considering to represent yourself.

Our aim in working
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Coaching and Support Services

One-off or Ongoing coaching and support services for self-litigants and lawyer-represented parents in the Family Court and Higher Courts. This can include a simple procedural enquiry or referral request. 

Community Training Workshops

Family Court litigation Workshops are for parents who wish to represent themselves in the family court or for parents who are lawyer-represented and wish to gain more knowledge about the court processes

McKenzie Friend & Support Persons

In-Court McKenzie friends and Volunteer support services are for self-represented litigants and lawyer-represented parents who need help and support during court hearings and other court events 


In-house Mediation

FDSS offers in-house mediation for couples to negotiate settlements out of the court on how they will care for their children and how you will divide relationship property and relevant matters.

Counselling Referrals

FDSS works with many counselors nationwide, who have extensive experience to deal with the impact of separation such as; depression, grief, anxiety. FDSS can assist parents to find experienced counselors. 

Agreements by Consent

If both parents reach an agreement about their disputes. FDSS can guide them on how to get a consent order for the care of children arrangements and the relationship property division. 

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