Ongoing coaching support (OCS)

The "1:1 Ongoing Coaching Support" service provides personalised assistance to parents going through family separation or the Family Court system at several stages of their separation, ensuring that each parent receives dedicated and tailored guidance to resolve their parental disputes amicably in or out of the Family court.

The ongoing coaching support service offers two tiers tailored to your preferences, case circumstances and complexity: 

  • Basic Ongoing Coaching Support

    For parents who only require a dedicated 1:1 telephone support, up to 1 hour per month - (Fees by Donation)

  • Comprehensive Ongoing Coaching Support

    For parents who require a comprehensive ongoing coaching support services - (Monthly Membership fees)

What we can assist with

Any parental disputes including: Care Of Children, Guardianship Disputes, Family Violence and relationship property.

Newly Separated

Making informed decisions at the early stages of divorce and family separation is paramount for a smoother transition and long-term well-being. For those who are newly separated or in the planning stages, it's crucial to recognise the importance of  these initial choices and decisions. These choices and decisions will simply shape your future and your children. 

Seeking guidance from our coaches provides you essential support for making these informed decisions. FDSS coaches provide valuable guidance to whānau on best practices to prevent high parental conflict and adversarial separation at the early stages of your family separation. This ensures that your children are not exposed to conflict, safeguarding their wellbeing and your safety.

We offer valuable assistance in various matters, including but not limited to:


FDSS understands the unique obstacles that self-represented parents face in New Zealand Family Court, particularly in family disputes, where finding legal representation can be a challenge, also many parents are unable to afford legal expenses due to financial constraints.

FDSS provide self-represented parents in-person and remote service packages, tailored to different stages of the court proceedings. FDSS aims to equip and assist parents in confidently navigating the Family Court process. In response, FDSS offers personalised one-on-one support to parents who opt to represent themselves in the Family Court.

We offer valuable assistance in various matters, including but not limited to:

Check out what whānau say about us

We've been supporting hundreds of parents from all across regions in New Zealand

Represented by a Lawyer

This service provides specialised support for parents with legal representation in family disputes. Recognising that even with legal assistance, navigating these complexities can be emotionally and financially challenging, we offer an additional layer of guidance to complement existing expertise. 

Our support services covers various matters, including the intricate decision-making process involved in family disputes, covering co-parenting arrangements, financial considerations, how to instruct your lawyer, and any steps you are planning to make. The weight of these decisions can be overwhelming, highlighting the need for external support. The majority of our clients regret not knowing FDSS at the early stages of their separation. 

We offer valuable assistance in various matters, including but not limited to:

Still have questions ?

Request a call back by completing the online form or check the below Frequently Asked Question

What whānau say about us

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the OCS "Ongoing Coaching Support" Service?

The Ongoing Coaching Support is a supportive one-on-one, continuous, and recurring service designed to assist individuals and families in navigating the challenges of family separation and the Family Court proceedings.

How do you provide the OCS service?

The OCS service is mainly provided over the phone, through audio and video links, and via email and online cloud. Sometimes, we offer this service in-person in community houses depending on the coaches location and availability. However, we have been assisting hundreds of parents remotley from all regions and it works very well. Thanks for Technology !!

Service General Guidelines

The following guidelines are primarily tailored for self-represented litigants in the Family Court. However, some of these guidelines also apply to parents who are newly separated and those who are represented by lawyers or are newly separated or wish to do so in the future. However, the Basic OCS is very limited to telephone calls and doesn’t involve many of the below guidelines: 


  1. Coaching & Support: We are here to support you throughout your separation journey or your family court case. Our goal is to assist you in making informed decisions and provide guidance during the process.
  2. Moral support: At FDSS, we encourage parents to resolve disputes outside of court, prioritizing swift recovery and minimizing harm and parental conflict. Safety concerns about you and your children are an exception.
  3. Instructing you on what to do: We do not give explicit instructions but offer suggestions, assist in decision-making, and help you make well-informed choices.
  4. Decision-Making Process: We will assist you in your decision-making process by explaining the advantages/disadvantages/implications of decisions and providing relevant case law, legal information, and psychological references.
  5. Speaking / Settling on your behalf: We cannot settle on your behalf or speak on your behalf in court hearings without your consent or unless granted permission by a Judge.
  6. Legal Information: We can point out publicly available legal information, explain its relevance to your situation, and provide options based on this information. Applying this information in your case is your responsibility.
  7. Forms & Templates:

    We can direct you to prescribed forms and templates online relevant to your case.

  8. Drafting Documents: Drafting documents is your responsibility. We can review your drafts once completed.

  9. Reviewing Documents: We can review your completed forms or documents, suggesting edits or amendments if needed. Acceptance or rejection of suggestions is at your discretion.
  10. Revising Documents:

    Revising documents is your responsibility. We can provide information, case law, or psychological references, and you have the authority to accept, reject, delete, or amend any suggested information.

  11. Filing & Service:

    We will guide you in filing documents in court according to Family Court rules and how to serve them on other parties.

  12. Correspondence Review:

    We can review emails, letters, and communications with other parties and the court registry. You draft letters/emails, and we review them if needed. Communication on your behalf with the court registry and others is done with your consent.

  13. Support in Hearings (McKenzie Friend): We can attend court events with you as a McKenzie Friend aka Lay-assistant or Support Person. Please check what a McKenzie Friend can do. (Additional charges may apply) – contact us if required.

  14. Court Events: We will explain what to expect during court hearings, conferences, and any court events, along with associated preparations.
  15. Being a Witness: We cannot act as a witness in your court case.
What are the two tiers of the OCS service?

There are two tiers of the Ongoing Coaching Support OCS services, one is Comprehensive and another is Basic.

  • Basic Ongoing Coaching Support
    For parents who only require a dedicated 1:1 telephone support, up to 1 hour per month – (Fees by Donation)
  • Comprehensive Ongoing Coaching Support
    For parents who require a comprehensive ongoing coaching support services – (Monthly Membership fees)
How do i start ?
  • Decide whether you wish to choose the Comprehensive or Basic support
  • Complete and submit the Request Call Back form
  • One of our coaches will call you back to provide you with more information about the service you require. 
How much does this service cost ?
  1. The Basic OCS fees is by (Koha / Donation)
  2. The Comprehensive OCS is by (Monthly Subscription fee).
  3. You can cancel at anytime. 
What is the Basic Support ?

Basic Support is aimed at parents who only require 1:1 telephone support for their case, for up to 1 hour per month. It is available if you wish to seek a second opinion or assistance with your decision-making process, legal information, and more. This service does not include reviewing documents.

What is the Comprehensive Support ?

The Comprehensive Support is aimed for parents who require extensive support which includes reviewing documents, setting up strategy and plans and any of the above tasks listed in the service description and guidelines. 

What types of disputes does Ongoing Coaching Support assist with?

The Ongoing Coaching Support service can assist with various parental disputes, including Care Of Children, Guardianship Disputes, Family Violence, and relationship property matters.

Is this service offered in-person or remotley ?

This service is offered remotely over the telephone, video and audio platforms and the cloud. We have supported hundreds of parents from all across the regions, doing it this way. 

How can Ongoing Coaching Support benefit newly separated parents?

For parents who are newly separated, making informed decisions early on is crucial for a smoother transition and long-term well-being. Ongoing Coaching Support provides essential guidance to make informed decisions, prevent high parental conflict, and safeguard the well-being of children during this sensitive time.


What assistance does Ongoing Coaching Support offer for self-represented parents ?

For self-represented parents navigating the New Zealand Family Court, Ongoing Coaching Support offers personalised assistance tailored to different stages of court proceedings. This includes legal information, document review, filing assistance, decision-making support, and guidance during online court conferences.

No, we are not lawyers or a law firm. We are experienced self-represented parents with over a decade of firsthand experience assisting families in dealing with the Family Court and Family Separation. We have supported thousands of parents from various regions within New Zealand.

You can check out the feedback from parents who have used our services. Any advice or information provided orally, in writing, on our website, or via email is not intended to, nor does it constitute legal advice.

How can this service benefit me, if i already have a lawyer ?

Surprisingly, the majority of enquiries we receive come from parents who already have legal representation. We offer specialised knowledge and experience in family separation and court proceedings from a community perspective, which can complement the expertise of your current lawyer. The insights we provide will equip you with additional skills on how to effectively instruct your lawyer and best way to expidite the process and achieve recovery. 

Feel free to read feedback from other parents about the support we offer. We’re happy to provide you with contact details for many parents who have used our services.

We take pride in the positive impact we make on our community—it’s truly amazing. The most common feedback we receive from whānau is, ‘I wish I knew about FDSS in the early stages of my separation.'”

Any of the above services replace a lawyer's service?

No – none of the services replace a lawyer service or any programs mandated by the Ministry of Justice or the Family Court. 

What is Self-representation ?

You can read more about Self-representation on this link – also feel free to contact us, if you have any further questions …. 

Can i represent myself in the Family Court without a Lawyer ?

Absolutely, anyone has the right to represent themselves in the Family Court without legal representation. The key is understanding how to navigate the process correctly and assessing your capability to do so. This is where services like ours become valuable. We aim to support parents who choose self-representation in the Family Court by offering guidance, coaching, and assistance throughout the entire process. Our goal is to help you navigate the complexities of the legal system, empowering you to make informed decisions in the best interests of your family, reduce conflict and resolve disputes amicably. 

Thorough understanding of the process and extensive support are crucial during this journey. This involves being well-versed in legal procedures, knowing how to present your case effectively, planning, strategy and being prepared for court proceedings, among other many aspects.

Do you offer in-person support during court events ?

We do offer in-person support during court hearings and events. We offer Mckenzie Friend Package. Additional charges apply including travel and accomodation fees, if travel is needed. Talk to us to know more. 

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