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FDSS role is to help people connect together and support each other. If you are planning to start a support group within your community and organise parents support meetings weekly basis or fortnightly for an hour or two. Please complete the form below and we will create an event on our Facebook page and promote it on our social media pages. Please complete the form below and check FDSS Facebook event page.

The purpose of running such groups is to help parents who are dealing with parental disputes or family court proceedings. A place for people to speak and vent about the issues they are going through.

Frequently asked questions

What is FDSS role in the support meetings group?

FDSS role is to connect people and communities together. If you need any help or advice, feel free to contact us. 

I want to start a group in my community, Who would pay for the venue fees ?

FDSS is not responsible for paying the venue hire fees, unless we have enough funding and donations to do so. Please contact us and we might help you to find a free venue or place to start your group.

Is there any fees for attending the support groups ?

Any donations are appreciated or gold coin Koha to help paying the venue hire fees. 

How often do the support group meetings happen ?

Usually support group meetings run for 1-2 hours, every week or fortnight, depending on the support group leader availability. Check FDSS Facebook event page. 


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