McKenzie Friends & Support Persons

Litigation through the courts on a family matter can be expensive and beyond the means of a great many individuals.  If you want to represent yourself, you will be required to complete the same steps as lawyers, such as the writing and filing of applications and pleadings that use suitable wording and legal references. FDSS provides McKenzie Friend ongoing support, guidance and coaching for self-represented litigants and other court users. If you wish to register for this service, we need to know the details of your court case or dispute to help you and guide you thoroughly.

How can a McKenzie Friends help?

Frequently asked questions

I have a lawyer representing me, can a McKenzie friend assist me?

McKenzie friends can only assist self-represented litigants in the court or people who wants to become self-represented. Please contact us if you need a McKenzie Friend to assist you in your case. 

What is the difference between McKenzie Friend and Support Person

McKenzie friends can only assist self-represented litigants in the court, accompany them to court hearing and sit beside them and take notes. Support persons are volunteers with no legal background who accompany self-represented litigants and parents who have lawyers to provide them with moral and emotional support. Support persons can only sit at the back seats of the court room. 

Do McKenzie friends provide legal advice?

McKenzie Friends are NOT lawyers and cannot provide legal advice. They can help you by providing generic or personal advice, procedural information or public legal information Please refer to our terms and conditions. 

Can you provide more details about what an MF can do and don't ? 

You can check a full description of the McKenzie Friend role on this link What is a McKenzie friend ?

What areas do you cover in New Zealand ?

FDSS provide services for nationwide clients, through email, chat, and over the phone. We coach and guide our clients over the phone or by email. However, let us know, if you need an MF to attend a court hearing or any event. Please contact us or complete the registration form at the bottom of the page. 

Online Registration form

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