Coaching and Support Services (Terms of Engagement agreement)

These terms of engagement outline the agreement between you and (FDSS) Family Dispute Support Services.  Family Dispute Support Services (referred to as either “the organisation”, “We”, “Us”, “FDSS” or “Our” in this Agreement)

The agreement explains the terms of your engagement with (FDSS) Family Dispute Support Services such as during; phone or video calls, workshops, online knowledge base, written and verbal communications with FDSS coaches, McKenzie Friends and Volunteers through emails, chat, Phone or video calls or in-person. Agreeing to these terms, means that you are accepting our terms of engagements. Completing and submitting this agreement online is mandatory before receiving any of our services.

Please complete and check the boxes for each clause of this agreement and click on Submit. 

Terms of Engagement
Our Services
Limitations associated with the coaching and support services
Ongoing Coaching and Support service fees - Self-represented Litigants
One-off enquiries service - Lawyers represented / Newly separated
Fees are by donations
  Your Situation Weekly or Fortnightly online banking Automatic payments One-off online payment 
1 I am Self- represented or Planning to become a Self-represnted litigant X
2 I am represented by a Lawyer or newly separated or have no lawyer X
Service processes and Guidelines:
What we can do

Coaching & Support: We can guide you through the best practices to resolve your dispute in or out of the Family Court

Legal Information: We can point out at the public legal information relevant to your situation & case and explain them to you

Forms & Templates: We can direct you to the online required and prescribed forms & templates relevant to your case

Drafting Document/s: You will draft and complete the form/s or document/s and let us know when you are done

Reviewing Document/s: We will review and might suggest some edits or amendments to the completed forms

Revising Documents: You can delete/amend any of the suggested edits. Revising the document/s is your responsibility

Filing & Service: We will guide you how to file the documents in the court & how to serve them on other parties

Correspondence Review: We can review the emails /letters/ communications with other & court registry, if required.

Support in Hearings: We can attend court events with you as McKenzie Friend / Support Person 

Court Events: We will explain to you what happens in court hearings & conferences & the preparations associated

What we cannot do

Representing you: We cannot represent you in any court or tribunal in New Zealand.

Legal Fees & Costs: We cannot pay legal fees / costs or other expenses for you

Decisions: We cannot make decisions on your behalf, but we can suggest the available options to help you in the process of taking a decision.

Speak on your behalf: We are able to attend court events with you to offer support and prompts, but we are unable to speak on your behalf, unless you consent to it or if the court asks us to do so. 

Act as a witness: 
We cannot act as witness in any court proceedings, unless you or other party is likely to be exposed to any form of violence or harm.

Revising and drafting Document/s: We cannot revise or draft legal documents on your behalf. We can review you them and suggest some edits and it is up to you to accept or decline the suggestions and edits. 

Settlement : We cannot make or negotiate any settlement on your behalf

Supervised Contact : In the event you are directed to undergo supervised contact with your child, we cannot act as supervisor nor able to facilitate the supervised contact.