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Choosing the right course

You can check the courses and modules overview on this link 

No – although we suggest that you complete the all the courses modules – in particular Module 1 and 5 of the “Self-representation course”. The remainder of the modules depends on your case and circumstances. Some people have no relationship property and some no violence – every family situation is different. 

Before you register

The workshops are intended only for parents  or guardians dealing with family separation or the family court. These workshops are whanau and community focused. NGO Community workers are welcome to participate. 

If you are a Family Court Lawyer or University law graduate or government community worker. Please send us an email to to discuss about other options available

Yes you can if you wish to know your rights and understand the court processes. It would help you to learn some skills on how to instruct your lawyer effectively and get the best out of them. 

Be mindful that attending the workshop doesn’t replace any Family Court lawyer services or any programmes mandated by the Ministry of Justice.

Not at the stage – All our workshops are delivered online.

Not a problem – we understand. Please let us know if you are unable to attend and check our workshops calendar, if you wish to attend any of the future upcoming workshops. 

Registration fees are by Koha/Donations (to support and acknowledge our work). FDSS is a (not for profit) community organisation and a registered charitable trust. 

Any donations would support us continue to provide our services to the many parents like yourself. We are a charity with donee status so any donations over $5, you can claim 33% back on your tax. Just ask us and we can provide you with a receipt

You can make donation online via our secure and safe online payment portal or by online banking. Click on this link to make donations. Please let us know if you are unable to make donation. 


NO – We don’t and all information provided during the workshops are just legal /procedural information. We are not lawyers, but experienced self represented litigants who have been through it ourselves and helped hundreds of other parents. As such we cannot provide legal advice but can support and guide you on your case whether you are self represented our represented by a lawyer.
Please read our service terms and conditions.

Please note that the workshops are not intended to replace the services of a lawyer or the mandated parenting courses by the ministry of the justice or mediation.

No – we don’t accept non-registered participants. For safety and security reasons, we only accept registered participants to attend the online workshops. 

Upon registration, we usually ask about your former partner’s name, to avoid both of you attending the same workshop. If you partner’s name is on the attendees\s list. We will inform both of you separately and offer any of you to attend another workshop. We will not inform your former partner that your name is on the list. 

Our workshops are designed and delivered to any persons regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, religion or belief. Everyone is welcome. We do not tolerate with any sort of discrimination.

The Family Court related courses are usually presented by FDSS coaches David and Zayne who have very extensive experience and knowledge as self-litigants in the Family Court over a decade. We are ordinary community members. We have been there and done that.

Other courses are presented by qualified and experienced Counselors and Mediators. 

No problem, if you do not feel confident to appear online, you can disable your webcam upon joining the workshop

“In-court Self-representation” is a very extensive course and it is suitable for parents who are:

  • Self-represented Litigants 
  • Planning to represent themselves in the Family Court. 
  • Represented by a lawyer and planning to represent themselves in the Family Court without a lawyer. 
  • Represented by lawyers who want to gain more knowledge about the Family Court process 

“Separation – Whats involved Course” is suitable for parents who are:

  • Newly Separated parents 
  • planning to separate in the foreseeable future
  • wanting to gain insight into the issues associated with Family Separation and how to deal with those issue. 
  • Parents dealing with Family Court proceedings and still struggling emotionally with separation or want to gain more knowledge about Family Mediation or learn more skills on how to co-parent effectively

“Navigate the Family Court” Overview of the Family Court process and other modules . The course is suitable for parents who are:

  • represented by lawyers or beginners or anyone who wants to gain knowledge and skills about litigating disputes in the Family Court 

You can read more about the courses contents and modules in the following FAQ’s. If you need help – Please send us an email to or check the Calendar page .

After you register

You will receive an email from us asking you to confirm you attendance with the meeting instructions and all information. 

First thing to do is to respond in writing to confirm your attendance.

Please check all information on this link (Important)

After we receive your online registration submissions. Please check your junk/spam mail if you do not receive any emails from us or contact us if needed. 

We suggest that you note down the dates/time or you can go to the Calendar page > click on the event/workshop you registered > at the bottom of the event page you can add “+” the event/workshop to your google/apple/outlook calendar. You also will receive automated email and SMS reminders. Please let us know if you wish to stop receiving any of those emails/SMS messages. 

We encourage parents to participate in all the modules, however, you do not have to attend all workshops and all modules, you can attend any of the workshops or courses. Whānau can choose to complete all the modules and workshops or choose any module/s suit their case’s circumstances and needs. For example; some people have no Separation or property division issues or no violence issues in their cases so they do not have to attend any of these modules.  

Yes, you can do that – however because we present some PowerPoint slides so you might have difficulty to read the contents of presentation. We recommend using a tablet/iPad or laptop or desktop computer with camera and audio.
The battery on your device will need to be fully charged to last the two-hour course.

No – you do not have to appear in camera or use your audio. You can control the camera and audio before you join. 

No you do not have to use your email. If choose the option “Continue use the browser” then you just need to enter your preferred chosen name

You must use the same name you used when registered or use your First name and last name initial ie: “John Doe” or “John D” or “JD”. The administrator will only admit you in the meeting if you are using the same name/initials when you registered 

Yes, of course – we will appreciate informing us if you wish to leave. 

Donations can be made online – Please check the donation webpage. You can use our safe secure online donation payment or through online banking. Any donation you make would be much appreciated to acknowledge the work we do. Your donation will be spent on marketing FDSS services to reach out to more whanau who need help dealing with separation.

Any generous donations are much appreciated – You can get refund 33c for every dollar you donate to us. Check IRD website 

If you wish to check the dates of the workshop you registered for, you can find them on the event page on this calendar OR check the “Referrer link” at the bottom of the email you received. 

Participants can ask questions and introduce themselves when they join.

Once the workshop starts, the workshop administrator or the presenter will mute all microphones until the end of the presentation, except for the presenter. 

While the presenter is presenting the slides, you can only type your question/s in the chat box and our administrator or the presenter will answer the question/s in writing during the presentation or orally after the presentation. 

Yes, you can by raising your hand, preferably through the chat box.

For privacy reasons and the limited time for delivering the modules, we only allow questions related to the workshop or the particular module. 

If you need help in your personal case, you can leave a message in the chat box or visit our Coaching & Support services page. You do not need to register for this service, just let us know during/after the workshop that you need 1:1 coaching or support or any questions. We will arrange a time to talk with you over the phone or the video call. 

If you have any difficulties to reconnect, please email us at We will try to help you if we can. Please check your internet connection and if you are using the correct link. Also, you can try to use a different browser 

We use Microsoft Teams  which is safe, secure and used by many organisations worldwide. To check Microsoft teams Security, compliance, and privacy policies, visit this link 

For safety, privacy and security reasons, we do not allow taking photos nor recording /videotaping the online workshops. Please refer to our services terms and conditions. You can ask us to send you the link of the slide\s through email. 

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