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The online virtual workshops are intended for whānau going through the family separation process and wish to gain skills and strategic tools to effectively deal with separation and navigate the available options of resolving their parental disputes amicably in or out of the Family Court or how to instruct their lawyers effectively.

We strongly believe that such whānau-community focused early prevention and intervention information are very crucial to safeguard our children and prevent high parental conflict at the onset of the family separation process and promote fair access to Justice and Courts for self-represented whānau.

Family Separation Courses

Select one of the following options that suits your situation or needs. 

  • Separation - What's involved Course

    Out-of-Court resolution Information intended for whānau who are newly separated or planning to separate in the future

  • Navigate the Family Court Course

    In-Court resolution Information intended for whānau who have lawyers or planning to hire a lawyer

  • Self-representation Course

    In-Court resolution Information intended for whānau who are self-represented or planning to represent themselves in the court

Courses and modules

The programme consists of several courses and elective modules depending on the participants needs and case circumstances. Participants can choose any of the modules they wish to enroll. 

1 - Separation - what's involved

2 - Navigate the Family Court

3 - In-court Self-Representation

Delivery method: The programme is delivered through video and audio conferencing Microsoft Teams cloud software. Participants are able to disable their webcam or mute their microphone during the session.

Duration: Each module is up to 1 or 2 hours. Check the calendar. 

Registration: Online registration is mandatory prior to attending the workshops. Registration fee by Koha/DonationTo register – visit the Workshops Calendar page . Choose the module/s or course you are interested in and complete the online registration form.

Presenters: FDSS Coaches and McKenzie friends / Family Court Lay assistants with over a decade of lived experience dealing with family disputes and helping parents through the process in the Family Court. Check our Clients’ reviews

OrganiserFDSS – Family Dispute Support Services is a not-for-profit community organisation and a registered charitable trust, offers help and support for parents dealing parental disputes in or out of New Zealand Family Court

More Information: Check our FAQ’s page or the Workshops Calendar

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