Virtual Peer Support

The VPS is a community-led and whānau-focused initiative intended to connect communities together to support each other through their family separation journey and difficult times.

The VPS service can be accessed online by whānau from all regions of New Zealand. It is aimed at whānau who feel overwhelmed or confused when dealing with Family Separation or the Family Court processes. It is important for someone with lived experience to lend them a sympathetic ear and equip them some skills to overcome their challanges assciated with family separation.

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Finding a place to fit in

Finding a place to fit in & be listened to is very important for whānau who are struggling through the process of family separation or the family court process. Knowing that you are not alone and sharing your experience with peers who understand your struggles is an amazing feeling that gives you hope to quick recovery and improve your health and wellbeing and your children’s. 

The VPS groups are run online every week through online meeting platform up to 1.5 hours sessions every week led by a designated volunteer “VPS group Facilitator “

The power of lived experience

The power of support from someone who has lived similar experience is immeasurable. It encompasses the wisdom, resilience, and deep understanding that individuals gain through navigating the complex and often challenging journey of Family seperation challenges.

Lived experience empowers individuals to not only overcome their own hurdles but also to reach out and assist others facing similar challenges. It is a force that can inspire, educate, and heal, reminding us that our collective human experiences are a source of immense strength and solidarity.

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A safe online community space for whānau going through the process of Family Separation

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