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helping & empowering Kiwi Families to resolve their parental disputes in & out of the Family Court

How We Help

FDSS – Family Dispute Support services offers wide range of tailored support services for parents and guardians who are dealing with Family separation, and parental disputes in and out of the Family Court. FDSS provides the following support services;  

Our Motto

“Mediation is the best and most efficient way to resolve parental disputes and most importantly it’s the best for your children”. We believe that litigating and involving your children in the Family Court proceedings should be a last resort, unless there are some proven safety or violence concerns. High-conflict litigation can be time-consuming, costly & emotionally draining and often extremely detrimental,  not only to the parents, but also to the children involved as well.

Who are we

FDSS – Family Dispute Support Services is a not-for-profit community organisation that is committed to providing support and coaching services and training to parents who are dealing with parental disputes after their family separation in or out of the Family Court.

FDSS is a registered charitable trust powered and funded entirely by donations from many generous parents and community grants which provide some funding to subsidise parents to use our services.. We are just a group of ordinary community members with very extensive knowledge and lived experience in helping families resolve their disputes in or out of the Family Court system. We have been helping and supporting hundreds of parents over a decade.

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Why do we exist?

FDSS – Family Support Disputes Support Services was created due to the fact that  The Family Court was criticized as being monocultural and not fit for purpose The Family Court proceedings are perceived as daunting, lengthy and expensive for many families. Many parents reported that they are treated unfairly and like criminals in the family court system. 

We have personally known many parents who have chosen to end their lives, because they haven’t had any support or guidance through the complex process of separation and dealing with the Family Court. Many have experienced severe mental health strain due to their involvement in the Family Court proceedings and their struggle to access to their children. Many parents we’ve known ended their lives or abandoned their children after despair

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"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members"

     – Coretta Scott King

What whānau say about us ?

5 stars reviews
During this time I dealt with FDSS and I can hand on heart say I received more guidance in 1 meeting than over a year of dealing with a Lawyer. Zayne has an unparalleled understanding of the Family court system. Thank you for the continuous support
Dad of two - Auckland
We both agreed last night that it's such a rare thing to find someone truly invested (without gain) in such an important situation in our life's and your help is beyond anything we would have imagined. Thank you again and such service is needed.
Sam & Ashley
Couple - one Child - Auckland
We've learnt more from you recently that what we have in our 7 years with family court and many lawyers. FDSS team are very knowledgeable & experienced. They can explain the Family court process in every details. They guided me in my case very well
Mother - One Child - Christchurch

Donors & Sponsors

Huge thanks for FDSS donors and sponsors. Without their support, FDSS wouldn't be able to offer such crucial services for our families and communities.

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