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If you have any enquiries or need guidance about any issues related to Family separation process or the Family Court. Please complete the online form to request a phone call back to discuss your situation with one of our coaches.

We are here to help !

We do not judge on people .. We are here to help and support whānau through their family separation journey .. We’ve been there and done that … you aren’t alone

Responsible decision-making is crucial for your family’s recovery during separation. We are always here to lend a sympathetic ear and assist you in exploring the best available options for managing your family separation process or parental dispute. We’re committed to supporting you through your decision-making process, ensuring you make the right choices

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You will receive an automated acknowledgment email from us (check your junk mail folder if you don't receive any emails from us).
  2. One of our coaches will send you a text message to the mobile number you have provided to us to arrange an appointment to discuss your enquiry.
  3. Once an appointment is set, your designated coach will phone you at the agreed time/day to discuss your case.
  4. After completing the first phone call, you can still send a text message to your coach and arrange another appointment if you wish to do so.
  5. After 14 days, if we do not hear back from you, then your case will be automatically closed, and you will receive an automated email to inform you.
  6. If you decide to continue receiving ongoing coaching support, then you need to sign up for a membership.

It depends on the urgency of your case, our coaches' availability, and how busy we are. If you do not receive any response within 3 working days, you can email us

You are entitled to up to 2 consultations over the telephone (each lasting up to 40 minutes) and must be made within 14 days, free of charge or by donation, as a non-member.

We will aim to address your enquiry within the first 2 sessions of consultation. After the initial 2 sessions, you can decide whether to sign up for a membership for ongoing coaching support, which includes many benefits. The membership subscription fee is subsidised and very affordable. It can be paid in installments depending on your case and situation. Rest assured, we won't let you down.

Any enquiries related to Family Separation or the Family Court processes, forms, templates, or help with your decision-making process, or even if you have recently decided to separate from your partner and are wondering what's the best and most appropriate way to do it or initiate it, we are here to support you through this journey. This includes issues related to the care of children, marriage dissolution and maintenance, family violence, and relationship property division.

This service is provided free of charge or by Koha (donation) for up to 2 telephone consultation sessions. We would greatly appreciate any contributions to help sustain our community services. You can make a donation on this link. 

After the two sessions, you have the option to sign up for a membership to continue receiving ongoing coaching support from us. The membership comes with many benefits. The subscription fee for membership is heavily subsidised and very affordable. Payment options can be tailored to your specific case and situation. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please don't hesitate to discuss this with your coach. We are committed to assisting you through your journey, regardless of your financial circumstances.

NO - we are not lawyers or a law firm. We are experienced self-represented parents with decades of lived experience in the Family Court and family separation. You can check out some of the feedback from whānau who have used our services. Any advice or information provided orally or in writing, on our website, or by email is not intended to, nor it does constitute to legal advice.

NO- this service is for any person residing in New Zealand regardless of their gender, race, culture, religion or status. We are here to help. We have ZERO tolerance to discrimination or racism or sexism in all forms. 

We take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously. First, we do not share or discuss your personal information with third parties who are not employed by FDSS without your consent. We may use some of the information you provided to us for statistical and funding purposes, without mentioning any names or contact details. Additionally, we might pass on your contact details, with your consent, to other professionals to provide you with further help and support. The personal information we collect are only intended for anonymous stattistical and funding purposes and to provide you with our services. 

Please read our terms & conditions and privacy policy. If you have any enquiries about this issue, feel free to reach out. 

It depends on your situation and the specific case. If you are involved with the Family Violence/Criminal Court, the Family Court, or the Police Child Protection Team, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We will do our best to assist you or direct you to the appropriate channels for support and assistance.

Unfortunately, no, our services are currently provided remotely. We can meet you in person if it's absolutely necessary, for example, if you want us to attend a court hearing with you as a McKenzie Friend. However, the majority of our services are offered remotley through audio and video platforms. We have successfully assisted hundreds and thousands of parents from all over the country through this method.

Complete the "request call back" form above. We will guide you through the process - it's easy and simple and all done online. Flexible payments, heavily subsidised and No committments, you are able to cancel at anytime. 

While having a lawyer is valuable, our service can provide additional support and guidance, especially if you have questions or need assistance beyond what your lawyer offers. We have extensive experience in Family separation and Court matters and can offer insights and information from a different perspective. Think of us as a supplementary resource to ensure you have comprehensive support during your Family separation journey.

Based on our experience and thousands of  parents we dealt with. Having a lawyer only is often not enough when you are going through the process. It is always good to get different perspective ( from parents with lived experience) when making decisions - a small step / mistake will make a huge difference in resolving your dispute and recovery. 

No - Our services cover all cities and regions in New Zealand. Any person with access to a reliable telephone can use this service. Our coaches are located in Auckland, New Plymouth, and various other regions throughout New Zealand. Thanks to technology!" We have assisted hundreds and thousands of people remotley from all parts of New Zealand. 

We hear you, and remember, you're not alone. It's okay not to be okay. While we don't provide counseling or therapy, you can reach out to us, and we'll do our best to guide you to the right resources for managing your emotions.

If you or someone you know is in immediate physical danger, please dial 111 for emergency assistance. If you're feeling emotionally unwell or experiencing suicidal thoughts, you can find a list of organizations on our  contact us page.

Remember, reaching out for help is a sign of strength. Kia kaha !

What whānau say about us ?

During this time I dealt with FDSS and I can hand on heart say I received more guidance in 1 meeting than over a year of dealing with a Lawyer. Zayne has an unparalleled understanding of the Family court system. Thank you for the continuous support
Dad of two - Auckland
We both agreed last night that it's such a rare thing to find someone truly invested (without gain) in such an important situation in our life's and your help is beyond anything we would have imagined. Thank you again and such service is needed.
Sam & Ashley
Couple - One Child - Auckland
We've learnt more from you recently that what we have in our 7 years with family court and many lawyers. FDSS team are very knowledgeable & experienced. They can explain the Family court process in every details. They guided me in my case very well
Mother - One Child - Christchurch

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